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CHILDLINE India Foundation - JJ Act - Some Key Concepts

CHILDLINE 1098 SERVICE » Strategic Policy Initiative » JJ-Act » Some Key Concepts


Some Key Concepts

Juvenile Child : any person below the age of 18

Juveniles in conflict with law (JCL): formerly called juvenile delinquents.

Children in need of Care and Protection (CNCP): formerly called neglected juveniles.

Advisory Boards: to be constituted at city, district, and state levels for a period of three years. Also empowered to inspect various services. The members of the JJB and CWC shall be selected by the Board.

Juvenile Justice Board (JJB): formerly known as Juvenile Court. Deals exclusively with JCL. Shall sit as a bench and hear the proceedings.

Child Welfare Committee (CWC) :

  • Chairperson + 4 members (at least one woman +
  • one expert on children mandatory).
  • Powers of a Metropolitan Magistrate or JMFC.
  • Functions like a bench.
  • Formerly known as Juvenile Welfare Board.
  • Deals exclusively with CNCP.
  • Shall conduct proceedings in an informal way.
  • Enquiries to be completed within four months.

Observation Home: immediate place of safety, exclusively for JCL, during the pendency of any enquiry.

Children's Home: for long-term institutional care of CNCP.

Special Home: for long-term institutional care of JCL.

Fit Institution: any institution so recognized under the JJ Act, for the reception of children, for so long a period as may be necessary.

Fit person: Any individual so recognized under the JJ Act, who is willing to take charge of a child, for so long a period as may be necessary.

Shelter Homes /drop in shelters/ night shelter : for CNCP, with minimum facilities for boarding/lodging

After care organization: for the care of CNCP/ JCL after they leave a special home or children's home.

Juvenile/Child Welfare Officer : shall be designated under Sec 63, at the level of the police station. Whenever a child is taken charge of by the police, such child shall be referred to this officer.

Special Juvenile Police Unit : shall be appointed at the district level. (shall be assisted by voluntary organizations).

Non-institutional services : Adoption, Foster care, and sponsorship.