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CHILDLINE 1098 SERVICE » Strategic Policy Initiative » JJ-Act » A Brief History Of Children Acts

Brief History Of Children Acts

1897 Reformatory schools Act was Introduced in India .
1920 The Juvenile Court philosophy was first introduced in the Madras Children Act 1920, (followed by the Bengal Children Act (1922) and the Bombay Children Act (1924), thereafter by many other Children Acts).
1923 The Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) was amended to provide a special procedure for adjudicating criminal cases concerning child offenders.
1960 The Children Act was passed, to function as a model legislation and for use in Union Territories .

The Juvenile Justice Act, 1986, was enacted to provide for care, protection, treatment, development and rehabilitation of neglected and delinquent juveniles and for the adjudication of certain matters related to the disposition of delinquent juveniles.
It repealed all other Children Acts and provided for a uniform legal framework for the juvenile justice system throughout the country.


The Juvenile Justice Act was re-enacted with some modifications. It came into effect in April 2001. The 'Central Rules' were notified in June 2001