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CHILDLINE 1098 Service » 1098 Events » Vodafone employees build bicycles for children in Udaipur

Vodafone employees build bicycles for children in Udaipur

August 18, 2011: After a capacity building workshop organized by a Bangalore based consultancy- D'frens, 140 enthusiastic employees of Vodafone were assigned the task of reassembling parts of a bicycle for children in local communities of Udaipur!

Vodafone employees build bicycles for children in Udaipur

CHILDLINE has recently partnered with the 'International Clowns' in order to give our children laughter and fun while spreading happiness.

The session dedicated to the children in the community began in the afternoon.

An individual from Vodafone introduced the employees and the audience to CHILDLINE, narrated the extraordinary work done over the past 15 years and handed over the mic to a spokesperson from CHILDLINE. The opening of the event did not end here. A few children from the community spoke about their experiences with CHILDLINE, how they had been helped and their expectations of the service.

This was followed by curious employees asking questions about CHILDLINE, which were answered by the CHILDLINE personnel.

It was the beginning to a fun-filled evening at the Oberoi Vilas Palace in Udaipur.

Thereafter began the exhilarating task of piecing together the sub-parts of the bicycles in order to make them useable for under privileged children of the community. The employees were to split into groups of 10, assigning one bicycle to each group.

The children watched in anticipation. They were eager and excited to ride the bicycles in their locality!

Vodafone employees build bicycles for children in Udaipur

Once the bicycles were ready to go, a game was played with the Vodafone employees and children. While the task for the employees was to keep the bicycle moving without stepping on the ground, the children had to ensure they followed the rules!

This activity brought it a lot of laughter and bedlam and created a bond between the children and the employees.

The day ended with a bunch of fulfilled employees, excited children and a photograph capturing all their smiles.

Vodafone employees build bicycles for children in Udaipur

We are certain that the relationship CHILDLINE has nurtured with Vodafone over the last few years will be a long-lasting one.