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Teachers Training Workshop

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13 Schools Participate in Teacher Training Workshop

Mumbai, January 8, 2012: The third Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) Awareness workshop for Teachers and Volunteers saw 24 teachers and 11 lady volunteers participate. The 36 participants were eager to learn and were one of the most involved groups of participants we have had in our workshops.

The CSA awareness training was conducted at the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) International House, Mumbai Central on the 7th and the 8th of January. The principal objectives of the training were to equip the teachers and volunteers with an overview of CSA related issues (knowledge) and to provide them with practical communication skills to prepare them for taking on the task of sensitising children in schools.

Teachers Training Workshop

This workshop was a little different, since it was the first time that we invited teachers from 53 schools where we have already conducted the awareness sessions. Of these 53 schools, 13 schools sent two teachers each; one from the Primary and the other from the Secondary sections. The aim of inviting teachers was to explore the possibility of making the awareness sessions for children an integral part of the school curriculum. Once a volunteer of the CSA Awareness Project has completed a particular school, the school through its teachers will be expected to repeat the awareness sessions with all the classes (2nd-6th). This is to ensure that all children in the age group of 7-12 years are taken through the sessions on Safe and Unsafe Touch atleast five times while they are in school.

Teachers Training Workshop

Children retain better when sessions are repeated year after year and since volunteers would find it difficult to do so, it is best that teachers who are part of the school establishment are trained to deliver. To ensure that we imparted the best training for such teachers and volunteers, the two day training was designed to combine the best of knowledge and skills set combination.

Teachers Training Workshop

The first session on Day 1 i.e 7th January was one that participants had been waiting for. Volunteers initially had only a vague idea on the '1098 service and how it works'. The session to provide clarity on the CHILDLINE service was conducted by Kiran More, from the Committed Communities Development Trust (CCDT), a CHILDLINE partner. More took the participants through the processes that are put in place once a call is received on 1098, and also helped them understand the partner network of CHILDLINE consisting of collab and nodal partners.

Teachers Training Workshop

This was followed by a session on 'Child Protection and Child Rights (CPCR)' conducted by Nishit Kumar, Head- Communication and Strategic Initiatives, CHILDLINE India Foundation (CIF). Starting with a test on 'Rights in India'; Kumar took the participants through the rights given to the Citizens of India by the Constitution, and those specific to children, while introducing them to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). The fact that India is a signatory to the UNCRC came as a surprise to the participants and many also said that 'child rights' as a concept was an eye opener for them.

Teachers Training Workshop

The next session that forced all the participants to put on their thinking caps and understand real life case studies, was the session by Suchismita Bose, Director of The Foundation on 'Understanding the issue of CSA'. Bose covered the entire spectrum of CSA- covering what is CSA, signs and symptoms that one could watch out for, handling disclosure etc. While the first half was about ensuring that all the participants were on the same page as far as understanding the issue is concerned; the second half made the participants come up with ways of handling various real life case studies as part of teamwork.

Teachers Training Workshop

Amal Solanki, a working professional and a volunteer said, "I was really worried about my lack of knowledge about the issue. All I knew about CSA was what I had gathered from media reports; this session really helped me get a clearer picture. If it wasn't for the training I would have been quite lost on the field."

Post lunch on the first day, Jaya Aiyappa, a counselor and sex educator conducted the 'Child Psychology' session. Emphasising on the care and compassion approach, she said, "It's crucial for parents and teachers to always 'be there' for children, believe in them and use non threatening mediums such as play therapy to help the child heal." Discussing how the impact of CSA differs on the basis of the severity, identity, duration and the age at which abuse takes place, Aiyappa also helped volunteers understand a child's feelings of guilt, shame, betrayal, powerlessness and helplessness.

Day 2 began with the crucial session on 'Communication Skills' conducted by Sneha Shah and Shashank Gupta from Isra- Centre for Training & Development. The second day of the workshop was dedicated only for practical training and Shah and Gupta ensured that the participants not only practiced their story telling skills, but also realized the important role that body language and non verbal communication play in creating an overall impression. The session also gave the volunteers tips on handling difficult children in the audience or dealing with difficult situations or children on the field.

Gloria Gonsalves, a teacher from St. Paul's Boys High School, Dadar said, "I am really glad that my school sent me for this training. It'll help me in conducting sessions for the children. I am sure the Communication Skills session has helped all of the participants tremendously overall.

The volunteers were provided with their school lists drawn up according to their area and language preference, post the wrap up session conducted by Anubhuti Lal, Project Coordinator, CIF and Sneha Kupekar, Asst. Project Coordinator, CIF. The Wrap Up session consisted of a briefing for the teachers and volunteers on taking the Program forward.

The two day workshop resulted in the training of 24 teachers and 11 lady volunteers as 'Certified Trainers in CSA Awareness.'

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