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Minor girl raped and impregnated by close relatives. Accused arrested

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 Minor girl raped and impregnated by close relatives. Accused arrested

CHILDLINE 1098 Service » 1098 News » Minor girl raped and impregnated by close relatives. Accused arrested.

In the recent past, Ahmednagar has witnessed a rise in the cases of minors being raped around the district. Devastating stories and shocking statistics have been brought to light with an increasing number of sexual abuse cases on children.

Minor girl raped and impregnated by close relatives. Accused arrested

Kotwali police found a 15 year old girl roaming aimlessly in the streets with nowhere to go. She was loitering around and seemed to be lost. After much scrutiny, passersby checked up on her and asked her what she was doing on the streets in a meaningless manner. She did not say much, but was continuously crying and kept repeating that she had no idea how she had reached there. Dejected and in unclean clothes, it looked as though she had been on the streets for quite a few weeks. Post talking to her and not getting any valid information, the district’s local police was called to take the girl to be handed over to her family. The police in their turn questioned the girl, comforted her and later contacted CHILDLINE Ahmednagar to help her. The young girl at this time was a little frightened with what was going on around her and was not talking much or providing any solid facts which could help the police understand her situation or track her family.

A CHILDLINE volunteer rushed to the police station where the girl was. Looking at her fragile condition and sensing her apprehensions, the CHILDLINE volunteer approached the girl at the police station and tried to calm her down. When the volunteer was assured that the girl had composed herself and was ready to divulge some more details, the volunteer asked her about her family and where did she come from. The young girl whispered that she was from Dhotre Village, Parner and that she was 8 months pregnant. She gave the volunteer her father’s contact information who was then rung up and asked to come to the police station immediately.

While talking to the girl and counseling her, the volunteer gathered from her that she had been raped by her 42 year old uncle and her 17 year old cousin for the past one year. They had threatened the girl with a knife saying that they would kill her if she did not obey them and did what they told her to. Scared and helpless the innocent girl suffered at the hands of her relatives for months. She told the volunteer that she didn’t know who to go to for help and didn’t want her family to worry because of her.

On hearing this story, Kotwali police contacted the Parner police officials. The CHILDLINE team along with the Parner police recorded the child’s statement at the Parner police station. The girl was taken to the spot where she said she was raped and which she confirmed as the place of the incident. Based on her report her uncle and cousin were both arrested and a case against them has been registered under the appropriate laws. As the cousin was a minor he was presented before the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB).

The girl was admitted to a civil hospital in Ahmednagar for a medical examination and further counseling. The CHILDLINE team is in continuous touch with her and constantly follows-up on her progress and development. The girl’s family has also been counseled and provided assistance to lead a normal life along with their daughter.

Every child deserves to have a happy childhood. The instance of sexual abuse on children affects the victims not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. To curb this menace, it has become imperative to teach our children the ways in which they can shield themselves from such ugly situations. CHILDLINE in its part has devised the Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Programme (CSAAP) so that more and more children can be empowered to protect themselves and thus protect others as well.

To learn more about CHILDLINE’s CSAAP initiative and to be a part of this movement click here: