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International Child Helpline Day

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International Child Helpline Day

Spreading the message far and wide

May 17, is declared as the International Child Helpline Day by Child Helpline International. To celebrate the continuous efforts of child help lines all over the world, CHILDLINE India Foundation observed the day by raising awareness about 1098 and drawing attention to the vital role of a helpline for every child.

The International Child Helpline Day was celebrated with great zest by the CHILDLINEs across India. The occasion witnessed an array of activities at different levels. Constant and selfless support and involvement from the public was the key point in all the activities carried out.

International Child Helpline Day

CHILDLINE Bidar organized a rally on Child Rights which saw the coming together of more than 600 vibrant children marching and heading the gathering. A CHILDLINE 1098 awareness programme was also conducted wherein over 200 students participated and pledged their support to the initiative. The programme stressed on the importance of helplines and explained the mechanism behind the helpline system.

Alternatively, CHILDLINE Gulbarga undertook a campaign for friendly spaces. The day was packed with events which were meant to sensitize citizens for the need for children friendly spaces which included access to a helpline service for children. The underlying message of the campaign was to take collective responsibility in protecting the rights of children.

CHILDLINE Davangere organized a signature campaign. Over 200 people pledged their support to CHILDLINE and appreciated the assistance provided to children across the world through the system of helplines. CHILDLINE India has primarily enabled the voice of children to be heard at various platforms in India and across the globe.

International Child Helpline Day

Innovative ideas were executed by other CHILDLINEs across India. CHILDLINE Bijapur carried out an innovative sticker campaign at Government offices and public places across Bijapur. CHILDLINE Mandya observed the day with a special programme for students at the Government ITI College, Mandya. Over 60 students participated in the awareness programme.

CHILDLINE Koppal celebrated International Child Helpline Day with a special campaign on Child Rights and Child Protection for school children. The CHILDLINE team interacted with the students and explained the importance and functioning of the CHILDLINE 1098 service. The children came forward and pledged their support to CHILDLINE.

International Child Helpline Day

CHILDLINE Shimoga conducted a rally drawing in students, activists, SDMC members and police officials emphasizing the social evils faced by children. Awareness of the presence of CHILDLINE 1098 amongst the public was the key objective on this day.

International Child Helpline Day celebrates the hard work of thousands of CHILDLINE volunteers globally and their contribution to make a safe world for children. It is a day that enables helplines dedicated to children to make people understand the pressing need for CHILDLINEs like ours in order to create a secure and happy place for children to live. While each CHILDLINE conducted different events across the country, the effort put in by each team has contributed entirely to the success of CHILDLINE at a national scale and made 1098 accessible to lakhs of children in India.