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CHILDLINE India Foundation > Research Studies » Hello Childline and first ever Readership survey!

The House magazine of CHILDLINE India Foundation (CIF), Hello Childline publication reaches out to the entire CHILDLINE network and it’s a crucial tool for sharing information about Child Protection and best practices from CHILDLINE Services across the country. The multitude of CHILDLINE activities showcased in each issue of hello Childline makes it imperative.

An exclusive online survey was rolled out by the Communication and Strategic Initiatives (CSI) Department for the entire CHILDLINE partners and CIF staff. The first ever Hello Childline Readership Survey was carried out in August 2013. This online survey was designed to evaluate how readers from CHILDLINE Staff and CIF staff view the Hello Childline and had identified key benchmark the results.

The Hello Childline Readership Survey for CHILDLINE Partners and CIF Staff reveals key findings about reader preferences and engagement, including how the amount of time spent reading an issue and what sections they read most and how time is spend. This report houses a comprehensive set of charts and tables telling the story of profile of respondents, readership, interesting highlights and many of the benchmarks and trends revealed by the respondents i.e., CHILDLINE partners (143) and CIF staff (107).

The results of Hello Childline Readership Survey highlighted that majority of current readers appear to like what each edition of Hello Childline is and what we are doing. More than half of the survey respondents rate the overall quality of the magazine as “Excellent” &“Good.” Nearly 300 employees of CHILDLINE and CIF completed Hello Childline Readership online survey 2013. The survey was an endeavor to know about what our readers like and dislike about Hello Childline. 290 responses received from readers who filled out the five-page online questionnaire. We intend to use the results to help plan the future of the magazine.

In magazine parlance, those are remarkable findings that a majority of 51.5 percent of Hello Childline newsletter readers (CHILDLINE Partners) are satisfied with their reading experience. 68.4 % of respondents said they read every issue of Hello Childline while 30.9 percent said they read most issue. Among the surprises are that in this age of tweets and blurbs, our readers continue to find every issue and the content in the magazine useful. When asked whether they think the articles in Hello Childline Issues are too long, 89 percent of respondents say the articles featured in Hello Childline are of reasonable length while only 6.6 percent say they are. We also used the survey to float some trial balloons — some changes we are considering and others that we aren’t. It is clear that the respondents do not want us to eliminate the print edition and publish online only.

We welcome any further suggestions on topics to be covered in the magazine, as well as any other changes to make Hello Childline a more useful tool for you in your practice. Finally, we’d thank those of you who took the time to complete reader survey. We’ve been pouring over the results for in past few months, and as promised, we want to share some of them with you. We also don’t intend to take the pulse of our readers only once in every year. We are always open to suggestions, opinions, critical comments. Just continue to let us know what you think, and we’ll continue to listen. Enjoy reading!

Click here to read the first ever Hello Childline Readership survey results