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Football Fever on 29th May 2007

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Football Fever on 29th May'07

The afternoon of 29 th May, saw Football fever added to the intense summer heat amongst children Football Fever on 29th May 2007of Bandra East Community Centre and Hamara Foundation. Orphans, abandoned children and street children- all were immensely excited!

The cause for all the brouhaha was that kind courtesy of UK based Attorney , Dina Dattani, a team of Football Coaches from Arsenal, UK - one of the big football clubs in the world had offered to spend a couple of hours coaching these CHILDLINE children.

The venue was a school ground in Bandra. Football Fever on 29th May 2007Once there and in CHILDLINE T-Shirts, these little children picked up the nuances of training for and playing football from : Samir Singh, Jamie Montieth and Paul Shipwright- all current coaches of Arsenal assigned to Arsenal's Community outreach programme for reaching out to school children in India. On the initiative of Dina Dattani, the Coaches pulled out a tight schedule and showed the kids what football fever is all about!