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Shockingly enough, Ambika, a two-year-old girl child who was constantly beaten by her grandmother and mother was rescued by CHILDLINE Coimbatore.

The tale of Ambika is no usual narration.

"My grandmother hit me with a stick and poked me with a stone," says a two-year-old Ambika whose body has many bruises. She has been undergoing torture in the form of beating, pinching, poking, branding, biting and abusing from infancy. CHILDLINE Coimbatore received a frantic call from concerned neighbours informing that a two year old girl child was being tortured by family at Ambedkar Nagar Housing Unit at Kavundapalayam. CHILDLINE also received a letter from residents of Ambedkar Nagar Housing Unit pleading to take custody of the children who claimed that the mother and daughter together torture the children. A team member of CHILDLINE decided to visit the spot to gather some facts on the situation.

The residents of Ambedkar Nagar Housing Unit at Kavundapalayam revealed that Jeyachandran and Chitra separated after the birth of Ambika. Ambika has been at the receiving end of her maternal grandmother Meenakshi's wrath for the superstitious belief that her birth had led to the separation of her parents. Ambika's five-year-old sister Anshwara has been spared though.

Ambika was tortured by her grandmother Meenakshi and blamed for her parents' estrangement. The daughters of estranged parents Jeyachandran and J. Chitra, were rescued by CHILDLINE after receiving a call from neighbours.

CHILDLINE had once before rescued the children on being alerted by neighbours. But, at the insistence of a repentant Chitra, the children were sent back. "The First Information Report (FIR) was filed against the perpetrators at Pothanur Police Station and the children were handed over to the Child Welfare Committee (CWC). Both children are happy now and not too keen to go back home," says Ms. Uma, Coordinator, CHILDLINE Coimbatore.