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CHILDLINE 1098 Service » News » Child labourer at Marine lines station, Mumbai

Mumbai, Maharashtra: Aziz Shaikh, a fourteen year old boy was forced to work in a tea stall by his relative. He was later rescued by CHILDLINE Mumbai..

Aziz, a resident of Nepal, lived with his mother. His father, the sole wage earner of the family, passed away 2 years ago, leaving the family in a state of distress. Aziz was compelled to partake in responsibilities, in order to sustain themselves. In the pretext of procuring a good job, Aziz, like many other young boys and girls, crossed the border and came into India.

What lay ahead was unknown and unexpected by Aziz. It entailed long working hours washing utensils and serving customers tea at the family stall run by his brother-in-law, Ali. Sometimes, he had to run several menial jobs together and get beaten up for not performing well enough. Aziz's dream of earning a decent sum of money turned out to be a nightmare at Marine lines railway station in Mumbai.

Later, CHILDLINE was contacted by a vendor at Marine Lines reporting a lost and abused child. "When we rescued Aziz, we realised that Ali had beaten him up with a wire. Aziz was so traumatized that he could barely speak to us," said Gautham Patil, CHILDLINE Mumbai.

Aziz was rescued by the CHILDLINE Mumbai team with assistance from Police officials. The child was provided with immediate medical care at Nair Hospital. Explaining a routine workday he was forced to undertake, Aziz said, "I had to wait on tables, clean up and wash dishes for long hours. I was given Rs 35 for a whole day's work. I used to come early in the morning and go home at 7 pm daily. I had to help at the stall for 10-12 hours a day. If there was more work at the stall I often slept late and didn't eat," said Aziz.

The child expressed his interest to go home, meet his mother and pursue his education.

The CHILDLINE team met with the magistrate court and shared with them information about the case. The magistrate court ordered Ali to pay Aziz Rs.15,000 as a compensation. Aziz was later reunited with his mother who came to take him back to Nepal, after assuring CHILDLINE that the money would be used for his education.