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Child Participation in Kochi and Darjeeling

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Child Participation in Kochi and Darjeeling

Child participation is perhaps a concept that is the most misunderstood and a right that is the most difficult to ensure. The reasons for this are many, and are strongly rooted in the traditional view of children in almost all societies.

According to the UN Convention on Child Rights, all children are equal, and have human rights such as the right to food, shelter, health care, education and freedom from violence, neglect and exploitation. The Convention also states that children have the right to participate in decision-making and due weight should be given to their opinions, according to their age and maturity.

This means that children and young people have the right to participate in family decisions, in school and class decisions, in faith communities, in their cultural and sporting organisations, and also in local and national government, and in the UN and other international bodies.

At CHILDLINE, we believe that 'Child Participation' plays a crucial role in influencing a child's life. From freedom of expression and contribution in their life decisions, child participation has effects in shaping a society at large. Child Participation helps in actuating many rights of children.

CHILDLINE takes on the mandate of 'Child Participation' by creating and maximizing on existing forums such as the 'Open House' sessions and CHILDLINE Clubs.

Children's Club in Darjeeling, West Bengal

Child Participation in Kochi and Darjeeling

With the aim to empower the rights of the children, Bal Suraksha Abhiyan Trust (BSA) formed its first Children's Club at Maria Busty, Kagay Gram Panchayat under the banner of "Maria Children's Club". The first meeting saw a participation from 33 children.

The purpose of forming this club was to make children conscious of their rights, and encourage their participation in addressing issues, thus enabling children to become catalysts for change. The aim of this club is to emerge as an effective medium for empowering children by involving them in matters related to their well being.

Child Participation in Kochi and Darjeeling

The club members work on the basis of its governing body. In their meetings, children raise developmental issues about their village and seek solutions in liaison with the Panchayat body as and block department. These issues include better infrastructure for schools, demand for setting up of ICDS centers, etc. Members of the Maria Children's Club paid a visit to the Gram Panchayat office where they enquired about the exclusion of two deserving families of earthquake victims from the list of relief packages. When the matter was not addressed by the Panchayat the children took the matter to the Block Development Officer (BDO) who took immediate action.

Child Participation in Kochi and Darjeeling

Another issue tackled was the shoddy roads in the village which were a result of a bad monsoon. The children needed to travel long distances to reach school and expressed the needs for better constructed roads. Therefore, the members of the club congregated and repaired the entire stretch of 140 meters to make the road more useable for the children.

The club once again approached the BDO for improving the infrastructure under the MGNREGA scheme who in turn directed the request to the Panchayat. The panchayat then assured the members for the allotment of the schemes in the beginning of the New Year.

The club focuses on bettering the lives of children through various initiatives and projects. They also pledged to work towards evils such as Child Labour and Trafficking to protect the children in the community.

Child Ambassadors for CHILDLINE

Child Participation in Kochi and Darjeeling

CHILDLINE Kochi in association with the District Administration, Education Department, National Rural Health Mission and the District Council of Child Welfare organized a CHILDLINE meet for CHILDLINE Ambassadors belonging to the Ernakulum, Aluva, Moovattupuzha and Kothamangalam Educational Districts in Kochi, Kerala. The primary objective of this meet was to orient the ambassadors on child rights, the CHILDLINE service and their duties as ambassadors.

The meet saw participation from over 200 schools in the educational district. CHILDLINE Ambassadors were accompanied by one teacher per school. Therefore, there were a total of 400 CHILDLINE Ambassadors and 200 teachers participating in the meet.

Once the CHILDLINE Ambassadors were inducted, it was the duty of students to play a role of spreading awareness on CHILDLINE within their schools, referring children to CHILDLINE in case of emergency needs of children, imparting information on different issues such as Child Labour, Child Sexual abuse etc and creating additional ambassadors for CHILDLINE.

Children's Clubs and ambassadors play a crucial role in ensuring that the voice of the child is heard and that Child Participation exists across various forums.