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Case of Child traffickers

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1. Case of Child traffickers:
Rani, 17 years.

Illustration Credits:  Gary UndercufflerRani is from Majhasaur village, Mirzapur district of Varanasi. Her father had expired and her mother unable to look after the family had tried to poison the family. Rani and her siblings survived the attempt, however her mother expired. She was married off to a 40-year-old man. In reality she was sold to him for Rs. 10,000. When Rani went to the police to complain about her land being taken over by the villagers, the police sexually abused her. She was given Rs. 1000 by the police stating that he would help her. Rani was introduced to people who pulled her into the racket of child trafficking. She was sent to various places such as Banaras, Azamgarh Ambedekar Nagar and Allahabad etc.

Case of Child traffickersRani was sent to Raja Talab to meet a prospective client, but when he did not turn up till 10.P.M late in the night she had to return to Varanasi. While waiting in the bus stand she was found by the RPF. Rani handed over the phone numbers and the SIM card containing all the information to the team.

CHILDINE Varanasi received a call from RPF Inspector informing about having found a 17 year old at the Varanasi Cantonment railway station. The girl was brought to the CHILDLINE office by one of the team members.

The details of the case were handed over to the CWC. The next phase was to contact the Superintendent of Police. A raid was organized and the child trafficking racket was cracked down. Four men and three women involved in the racket were arrested.
After rescue, Rani was temporarily kept at a Girl's home in Lucknow and subsequently rehabilitated with her elder sister.