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4. Case of Child labour:
Case 1: Ranjith, 14years.

The boy was a native of West Bengal and came from a very poor family. He along with 9 other children from West Bengal were brought to Kerala for work. Ranjith was placed in a gold shop at Thrissur. Long hours of work (16 hours), with very little food and physical abuse were a part of his life. Unable to take more of this ill treatment he finally escaped from the place and came to Calicut.

Calicut Control Police referred 14-year-old Ranjith to Kozikode CHILDLINE on 11th April 2005. During the course of interactions the child gave the number of the agent. A team meeting was organized following which an Action Plan was formulated to rescue the other children. One of the lady constables, posing as a schoolteacher, called the agent Case of Child labouinforming him that Ranjith was with her. She asked the agent to come to Calicut bus stand at 5 P.M and informed that she would hand over the boy to him at the said place and time. The next day a-team consisting of Circle Inspector, Sub Inspector, the lady constable, and two police constables along with the boy arrived at the bust stand in civil dress. However, the agent did not turn up instead in his place another man was sent. He was arrested.

Based on the information given by the man the police carried raids at three places and rescued 6 children along with the agent on 20th April 2005. All the seven children were provided shelter at the Children's Home, Calicut. The following day they were taken to the District Government Hospital for a medical check up. An F.I.R was registered and the accused (agent and owner of the Gold shop) were produced before the CJM. The accused were remanded to the Kozhikode Sub Jail for 14 days.

Ranjith along with the three other boys have been restored home, while the other 2 boys were produced before the CJM for rehabilitation.

Case 2: child labourers in Zari industry.
Delhi CHILDLINE, from 3 embroidery and zari factories, rescued 82 children. The children were brought from Sitamarhi, Bihar. The owner of the factory brought children to Delhi on the pretext of imparting training in embroidery, instead he employed them as labourers. At the units children were made to work for long hours for a pittance amount of Rs. 300 and very little food.

Children were produced before the CWC and referred to the Government shelter home. The police caught the perpetrator and a case has been registered against him