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CHILDLINE is currently operating in almost every district/town/city/village in India. Reaching out to an increasing number of children everyday and providing the best care and rehabilitation to those located in the remotest areas has been a constant challenge. To combat this difficulty CHILDLINE operates three vans with support from HPCL - one each in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. The 3 vans are geared to provide a quick and reliable mode of transport - to rescue and transport children from a risk ridden situation to a safer space. Along with this the vans also help to create access for children in those places which are difficult to reach without a vehicle, to act as a tool for outreach programs at locations such as colleges, schools, markets, theatres, fairs etc and to help create a greater awareness which cannot be achieved only by stationary kiosks or stalls.

childline hpcl van

During the year 2012-2013 the vans have helped reach out to 6677 children in Mumbai, 3615 in Delhi and 6037 children in Kolkata. The operations ranged between generating door to door awareness, rescuing children from domestic labour, child marriage and beggary rackets to creating mass outreach programs at public spaces and conducting orientation programs and training workshops for the police force, allied systems, boosting health camps as well as organizing interactions with street vendors and PCO centers.

With the generous support from HPCL, CHILDLINE now is able to extend it emergency service to children in greater numbers and across more areas. In Mumbai alone, the area of outreach extends from Virar to Colaba with the support of five partner organizations. The unit in Delhi also arranged door to door awareness at Balko Apartments, select buildings in Rohini Sector VI to XIII, Genpact corporate office and many others. A recent crucial operation was the rescue of about 14 children from Seemanchal Express who were being trafficked. The children were rehabilitated and restored to their respective families where they are now safe and happy. While the area of outreach extended to four zones in Delhi - North, East, West and Central with the support of 4 partner organizations, the area of outreach extended to North/North East Kolkata, South Kolkata , East Kolkata, Central Kolkata, West Kolkata, Howrah, South 24 Parganas and North 24 Parganas with the support of 5 partner organizations.

Number of Children and Adults impacted as a result of the HPCL units


No. of children contacted under outreach

No. of children rescued

No. of Medical cases of children

No. of adults reached out

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The HPCL vans have enabled CHILDLINE to carry out an extensive number of rescue operations and helped to secure a better present for a number of children.

CHILDLINE received a call from a 13 year old girl who was working as a domestic help in a house at Bhendi Bazar. On receiving this call, the team members from CHILDLINE visited the place and met the house owner who reported that the girl had gone to school and would return only by 3:30pm. The team visited the house again at 3:45 pm and during the course of the conversation, it was found that the girl was brought from her native village in Bihar to work as a maid. She was forced to wake up at 6 a.m. everyday and do all the household chores till about 1 p.m. She was then allowed to go to school, but she had to leave the school in between to pick up the owner’s children from their school and do the rest of the work at home.

The team members took both the child and the house owner to the police station, reported the case and asked the officers to take necessary action as per the Juvenile Justice Act.

The police refused to file an FIR since the child was not working under hazardous situation. The child was then produced before the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) where the Chairperson asked the police to investigate the case further and file a report. The police then finally filed an FIR under Sec 23 and 24 of the Juvenile Justice Care & Protection Act 2000, and Sec 3 of the Child Labour Act 1986 and IPC sec 374.

childline hpcl van

We thank HPCL and their team for their constant support and efforts towards creating a secure and protected environment for our children!