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At CHILDLINE we believe that:

Every call is important

Not every call at CHILDLINE is an emergency. Street children, especially cynical about helpline services may just call us as a prank, may even get abusive. But it is equally likely that the child might be testing us to see if the call is taken seriously and if our services are for real. We take even these calls as an opportunity for converting the child’s faith in us. Treating blank calls seriously can turn the child into a potential caller in times of crisis. Sometimes adults also call us for information. Child or adult, each call at 1098 is important and taken seriously.

Children must play a role in anything we do for them

The intervention process aimed at helping a child becomes meaningless if the child’s needs and opinions are not taken into account. We involve the child in the intervention process by asking him/her to identify the problem and help them formulate a solution. We never force a decision on them without their consent. We make sure that the child knows exactly what CHILDLINE can and cannot offer. Thus preventing any unnecessary disillusions.

CHILDLINE cannot work alone

The massive scale of the effort required to make children’s rights issues important calls for a collaborative approach. We do this by using the facilities already offered by the community rather than creating a structure from scratch. We try to involve all those who are already involved in caring for the child and all those who are responsible for the child. We work with other NGOs, the police, health authorities, hospitals and Juvenile Justice Boards. This helps us make optimum use of already existing setups.

We need to be transparent and accountable

Trust building is a continuous exercise. Especially in CHILDLINE’s case where we need to work with an extensive partnership with several segments as different as chalk and cheese. We also see the opportunity of learning from our mistakes and using them for further learning and growing. Acknowledging our mistakes and assigning clearly chalked out responsibilities helps us in being transparent and accountable. And this transparency starts right at the grassroots level when we make sure that the child has the right to know how much is spent on intervention in her or his case.

We also hold important the credo of taking technology to the masses and thus integrate cutting edge