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Category I
Grade XI - XII
Photography Competition

Your photograph must capture the life of a child/children on the street. Children begging, children dancing in the rain, children living on railway platforms, children reading under street lights etc. These children have the right to a better future. Use your camera to showcase the realities that exist but remain unknown to the world. Registration Opens now. Click Here!

Category II
Grade VIII - IX - X
Story writing competition

Your story must portray the 'real life' of a child/children on the street. Why do they run away from home to live on the street? Why do they choose to sell books at traffic signals instead of going to school? How do they deal with predators seeking to exploit them? One would think that your childhood is the most reminisced part of your life. Unfortunately, not for most children in India. Tell the tale of those children whose stories go untold.

Category III
Grade V - VI - VII
Painting competition

Your piece of art must depict the life of a child/children on the street. Children on the street are always busy doing something- rummaging through the garbage, making toys of car spare parts, finding shelter at parks or bus stands, scrounging for food, playing cricket or exploring unknown alleys. Use your brush, sketch pens or simply a pencil to encapsulate the extraordinary battle a street child faces each day.

Please read the terms and conditions before participating