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November 2007

Dear Readers,

Welcome to Issue No: 50 of the Hello CHILDLINE. This issue of the newsletter comes to you with a significant new addition. As shared earlier, every issue of the newsletter will now carry an article on related issues. The article will give you a mix of situational information, the legal aspects, psycho-social implications. CHILDLINE efforts in the particular issue will be an add on article.

We invite you to suggest areas/topics that you would like to see featured. You are also welcome to submit short papers on child related issues. If the article/paper is not written by you, but drawn from another source, we need you to send in the source details for the same. We look forward to active participation from the different CHILDLINE teams.

In this issue we share with you some of the significant happenings within the CHILDLINE Network across the country. The CHILDLINE teams have been faced with some very complex situations that have demanded creative and prompt thinking and action from the concerned team members. This issue also features more than one example of how 2 or more CHILDLINE teams from different States have worked in coordination towards rehabilitation of a single case. We applaud the efforts, the courage, the persistence, the hard work and the dedication of every CHILDLINE team member, who works to ensure that every child, in need of help and care, who they come across, is helped as quickly and as effectively as possible.

We once again invite you to send in messages for the ‘pin-up’ board and our special section ‘Children’s Voices”, which calls for prose, poetry, art etc created by children.

As always dear readers, you are invited to send in your comments and suggestions for keeping this newsletter a dynamic method of communication between persons who hold the welfare of children close to our hearts.

We look forward to having your articles pour in...........

newsletters of childline india foundation