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May 2007

Dear Readers,

Welcome to Hello CHILDLINE Newsletter. In this issue we share with you the significant happenings within the CHILDLINE Network across the country. While the summer heat held all in its unwavering grip, CHILDLINE teams determinedly pursued their mission to ensure that the rights of every child are guaranteed and protected.

These last two months had the teams engulfed in Advocacy and Awareness activities and events at all levels. Different strategies: from painting competitions for children, to setting up of children’s clubs, to using state run TV and radio stations to spread awareness on the 1098 helpline, all have been highlighted in this issue of the newsletter.

The Anti trafficking movement is one that all CHILDLIN teams are committed to. Continuing ours efforts in this work CHILDLINE Gorakhur has been particularly successful in roping in coolies (porters) on the railway station, to assist them in their anti – trafficking efforts. The Sub-Divisional Workshop on Child Trafficking, Early Marriage & Dowry and CHILDLINE Service was also conducted in March 2007, a report is included here.

Another key event that is reported in this issue is Mumbai CHILDLINE’s Annual Review (2006-2007) which was held in Goa from 20th-23rd March. Strenuous review, critique and focused planning which characterized the workshop were wonderfully assisted by the relaxed ambience of Goa and the great levels of interaction between CHILDLINE partners.

The Mumbai CHILDLINE Picnic and the Cricket-for-Awareness match, in Jaipur, were two other fun-filled events that brought a lot of joy to both the organizers and the participants.

CHILDLINE India Foundation has released two new publications: “The National Resource Directory” and “CHILDLINE in India – An Analysis of calls to 1098”.